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Стриминг на Twitch

Зарабатывай со своих стримов на Twitch за счет показа своих эмоций в эфире.

icon Earn more on donations and subscriptions. Viewers will donate money and watch your reaction.

icon Increase the number of regular and loyal viewers. You will be more interesting and closer to your audience due to the unique tool for interesting interaction.

icon Give your viewers the opportunity to learn effectively. They will be able to compare their emotions with yours during difficult and critical moments in the game and try to be like you.

Тренировки для киберспортивных команд

Повышай эффективность тренировок киберспортивной команды за счет анализа эмоций игроков во время каждой игры.

icon Find an individual approach to each team member. Find out in what emotional state a particular team member plays best. Track these changes in time in the dynamics of growth and showing results in training / tournaments.

icon Build up the playful team. When viewing played matches together, players will be able to find out what psycho-emotional state each team member is in. Due to this honest frankness, they will be able to become closer to each other.

icon Make decisions about the rotation of team members. You can quickly identify those players who play inefficiently in a team or for a selected class/character.

Трансляции турниров в киберспорте

Сделай трансляцию киберспортивного турнира более зрелищной.

icon Attract more viewers to your broadcast. Show in your promo that you will add the emotions of the players during the tournament. This will help to attract new viewers, who find it easier to watch only the results of the match.

icon Increase the duration of the broadcast viewing. Not all viewers are interested in carefully watching all the games of the tournament. An additional entertainment tool will help keep the game interesting for longer. Viewers may worry about teams because they compete in a stressful environment.

icon Give an additional tool to predict the results of the match. Viewers will be able to rely not only on the experts' forecasts, the team composition and their own experience in the game, but also on the psycho-emotional state of the players. This is just as important as the mechanical and tactical skills of the players.